Developing the
Management Skills
of your Leaders

Do you aim to forge pathways for mobility or identify and groom future leaders for their roles and responsibilities?​​

Develop your succession plans to ensure continuity and foster your business growth.
Establish talent management development plans for your staff, aligning their training with your company's needs and their professional potential.​​​

360° Feedback provides an in-depth look at an employee's professional skills, involving assessments by the individual, their manager, peers, subordinates, suppliers, and internal customers. This comprehensive perspective is key to talent management development, allowing employees to objectively assess their position and refine their skills.


  • Framing of the 360° process with the client
  • Communication by the client to the people concerned: strategic objectives, framework of the approach (process, ethics and confidentiality)​
  • Creation of the questionnaire (choice of competencies, measurement scale, any open-ended questions, communication to beneficiaries and respondents)
  • Sending the questionnaire to the beneficiary and drawing up a list of respondents
Framing and engineering
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360° Feedback

Our coaching programs, whether individual or group, are custom-made to bolster your talent management development. They support your managers and staff in adopting effective leadership behaviors that are crucial for performance and the advancement of corporate strategy, reinforcing organisational culture and agility.

Our seasoned consultants and coaches are there to assist with transitions, changes that involve organisational culture and agility, and the adoption of new leadership models, ensuring your company stays ahead in talent management development..

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