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In Singapore's rapidly evolving IT & Digital landscape, roles in these sectors are increasingly pivotal. The rise of digital platforms and tech-driven strategies necessitates professionals who are adept in technological innovation and digital customer engagement. These roles now demand a blend of technical prowess and strategic insight.

Supporting our clients' growth necessitates a team of top-tier experts, from Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Product Management, and more.

These professionals possess extensive operational knowledge and expertise across tech domains, including Cloud Computing, software development, and digital commerce.

Morgan Philips Singapore excels in identifying talent who can navigate these complex IT and digital arenas, ensuring our clients secure tech-savvy professionals who can drive digital transformation and competitive edge in the market.

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Our deep understanding of Singapore's IT & Digital landscape enables us to fulfill the unique recruitment needs of our clients, respecting the local business culture and technological trends. We excel in sourcing international talent for permanent and project-based roles, from strategic leadership to innovative tech positions. Listening to the needs of companies in the Lion City, our consultants offer tailored advice, cutting-edge recruitment solutions, and utilize the latest digital sourcing technologies to secure the finest IT and Digital talent.


Specialised Teams in
IT & Digital Recruitment

Our consultants are specialised in recruiting talent for the IT sector in Singapore and internationally. We have proven expertise in identifying competent professionals for roles in web/mobile/software development, infrastructure, project management, Cloud computing, information systems, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, and cybersecurity.

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In Singapore's tech environment,
we are recruiting for:

  • IT Infrastructure Recruitment - Specializing in the latest infrastructure technologies and solutions.
  • Cyber Security Talent Acquisition - Connecting businesses with top-tier cybersecurity experts.
  • Software Engineering Staffing - Sourcing skilled software engineers across various programming languages and frameworks.
  • Data Analytics Hiring - Recruiting for data scientists and analysts to uncover insights and drive business decisions.
  • Product Management Recruitment - Finding leaders who can guide the lifecycle of tech products from conception to launch.


IT & Digital roles for which we recruit:

Product Management

Product Managers, Product Owners, Technical Product Managers, Product Analysts...


Network Engineers, System Administrators, Cloud Architects, DevOps Engineers...

Security and Cybercrime

Chief Information Officers (CIO), Information Security Project Managers, Cybercrime Engineers...

Software Engineering

Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Full-Stack Developers, Application Developers...

Cloud Computing

System Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Development Engineers, System Engineers, Network Managers...

(Big) Data Analytics

Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Engineers...


Chief Technical Officers (CTO), Webmasters, Web Designers, Web Project Managers, Business Project Managers, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, Java Developers, PHP Developers, SQL Developers, Business Analysts...

What salaries can you expect in Technology & Digital industry?
Discover our 2024 salary guide for Technology & Digital in Singapore.

  • This salary study, conducted by our recruitment specialists, is based on the assignments carried out for our clients and the thousands of candidate interviews conducted by our consultants over the past 12 months.
2024 salary guide for Technology & Digital

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