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The Industry and Engineering sectors in Singapore are at the forefront of innovation, reflecting a market that’s both dynamic and ever-evolving. With a thriving manufacturing industry, a commitment to advanced energy solutions, and a strong presence in aerospace and mechanical engineering, there's a burgeoning demand for skilled professionals.

Technological advancements, especially in automation and sustainable energy, are shaping new job opportunities. Professionals in these fields must continuously adapt and enhance their skills to stay competitive. Morgan Philips is dedicated to bridging the gap between these evolving industrial demands and the talent that drives them, ensuring Singapore's position as a leader in technological and engineering advancements.

Notre expertise

Our expertise

We understand the unique requirements of Singapore’s industrial and engineering employers. Our recruitment solutions are designed to:

  • Identify leaders who excel in driving industrial innovation and engineering excellence.
  • Source talent with a proven track record in enhancing production efficiencies and technological advancements.
  • Provide experts who understand the complexities of Singapore's engineering landscape, from regulatory compliance to sustainable practices.
  • Connect you with professionals adept at navigating the fast-paced, ever-evolving industrial sector, fueling your company's growth and competitiveness.



Specialised teams in Industry & Engineering recruitment

Our consultants specialise in recruiting talent for the Industrial & Engineering sector in Singapore and internationally. We have proven expertise in identifying competent professionals for positions in manufacturing industry, energy, aerospace, mechanical engineering, environment, and materials.



In the ever-evolving industrial & engineering landscape of Singapore, we recruit for:

  • Engineering Companies
  • Industrial Manufacturers
  • Energy Sector Companies (including Renewable Energy)
  • Aerospace Companies
  • Mechanical Engineering Companies
  • Environmental Technology Companies
  • Industrial Materials Manufacturers
  • Technology Start-ups
  • Construction and Architecture Companies
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
  • Engineering Consulting Firms
  • Research and Development Organisations
  • Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Maritime and Offshore Engineering Firms
  • Automation and Robotics Companies

Our references

The roles we recruit for:


Production Engineer, Design Engineer (specializing in high-tech and electronic design), Maintenance Engineer (focusing on advanced manufacturing technologies), Quality Engineer (in sectors like semiconductor manufacturing), Application Engineer (for IT and digital solutions), Project Engineer (with a focus on urban development and infrastructure), ...

Manufacturing Industry

Production Manager (in sectors like electronics and pharmaceuticals), Industrial Controller (for high-precision manufacturing), Plant Manager (specializing in automation and smart technologies), Workshop Manager (in advanced manufacturing settings), ...

Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Quality Manager (for compliance in high-tech industries), Regulatory Affairs Manager (specializing in sectors like healthcare and biotech), ...

Purchasing & Supply Chain

Purchasing Manager (with a focus on global sourcing), Logistics Manager (in a hub like Singapore), Supply Chain Manager (with expertise in regional logistics), Inventory Manager (specializing in demand planning and JIT systems), ...


Maintenance Manager (for high-tech industrial equipment), Maintenance Engineer (with a focus on automation and robotics), ...

Research & Development

R&D Engineer (in fields like biotechnology and green technology), R&D Director (overseeing innovation in tech-driven industries), ...


Plant Manager (in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities), Operations Director (in dynamic, tech-oriented industries), Technical Director (specializing in engineering innovation), R&D Director (leading tech-centric research teams), HR Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Financial Director (with a focus on tech and industrial sectors), ...

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  • This salary study, conducted by our recruitment specialists, is based on the assignments carried out for our clients and the thousands of candidate interviews conducted by our consultants over the past 12 months.
2024 salary guide for Industrial & Manufacturing

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