Talent Management Strategy:
Assess. Understand. Develop.

Morgan Philips Talent Consulting excels in crafting a nuanced talent development strategy to identify and foster the potential of your team.

With our tailored solutions and scientifically proven tools, we optimize and propel your organisation's talent management processes.

  • 35+ years' experience in talent consulting​
  • 2000+ personalised coaching sessions per year​
  • 80 coaches worldwide
  • Presence in over 20 countries

Our tailor-made

Our strategic talent development strategy provides robust solutions to your assessment, leadership development, and career transition challenges. Within our comprehensive talent management framework, we offer the following services:



3 areas of expertise to support you

Our assessment processes use scientifically proven tools to evaluate behavioural and managerial skills, validating candidate compatibility with your company's values, reinforcing our approach to talent management.


Dedicated team specialising in
talent consulting

Our specialized consultants and coaches are here to assist in identifying, assessing, and nurturing talent within your organization.

Learn how our talent development strategy can revolutionize your workforce.

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