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Morgan Philips is a leading employment agency that provides recruitment and talent management services in Singapore, and is part of a global network active in over 20 countries.

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As we navigate the evolving landscape of work, we tailor our recruitment consulting services to meet the unique demands of the Singapore market, ensuring that your organization thrives with top-tier talent. Discover how our employment agency in Singapore drives business growth through a holistic international approach.

Utilizing advanced technologies, our consultants expertly match candidates with career opportunities, establishing us as a leading employment agency in Singapore. We're dedicated to guiding individuals towards fulfilling careers and propelling organizational success.

  • 500+ experienced collaborators, specialised by sectors and functions
  • +1 million+ qualified profiles in our global database
  • 2000+ assessments conducted by our Talent Consulting experts
  • 4 talent research centers
  • More than 60 million candidates reached each month
  • A unique and international database

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Why us?


Our Singapore recruitment consulting team boasts the industry's most advanced and innovative tools. Our consultants have the expertise to identify, qualify, and assess the talent your company needs, not just locally but globally.



Engage closely with our Singapore-based consultants to attract and secure the best candidate for your company, tailored to your unique requirements.


Unique talent

We've established an innovative talent sourcing process, leveraging our international talent search centres and extensive internal database. Our exclusive community of experts, Club 5000 actively promotes your vacancies and recommends top-tier profiles from their extensive networks.


Digital & Human

Embracing the latest technologies, including video, and harnessing the power of social networks, we spotlight our diverse opportunities. Nonetheless, at the heart of recruitment is the human connection. Our consultants are dedicated listeners, understanding your needs in-depth, while also guiding and advising candidates on their career trajectories, ensuring a perfect fit for both parties.


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in over 20 countries

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worldwide each year.

In Singapore, our teams of recruitment consultants operate in several business sectors:

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