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Do you want to support your employees in their people management growth in a completely autonomous way, so as to increase their effectiveness and enhance their collective performance? ​​​

As part of the development of your organization and your employees, we offer individual or group coaching sessions tailored to your change issues and aligned with your strategy. These coaching sessions, crucial for learning and development, are conducted by senior, multicultural coaches.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is critical for talent management, used to develop and support the implementation of new employee behaviors such as:​​​

  • Taking up a new position and repositioning​​​
  • Cultivating leadership and self-confidence​​​
  • Facilitating the company's transformation
  • Enhancing communication and team management skills

With over 20 years of experience in the coaching market, we guarantee high-quality, tailor-made support. We offer you a team of senior professional coaches who, with their extensive people management experience, understand the challenges facing your organization and the problems your employees encounter. Coaching is their job.

A network of coaches who all meet the same high standards:​​​

  • At least 10 years' experience in a managerial role with a focus on people management
  • A minimum of 20 years of coaching experience
  • Training and certification in individual and group coaching methods for effective people management
  • Regular training in new techniques and tools for learning and development​
  • Supervised coaching practice
Morgan Philips Talent Consulting Development image
Morgan Philips Talent Consulting Development image

Group coaching

Group coaching enhances talent management, bringing coherence, alignment and robustness to a process of transformation within a group or team. It considers the history and culture of the team members, fundamental to learning and development. ​​

  • We aim to develop the cohesion and overall performance of the group, fostering collective intelligence and mutual trust even in uncertain times, which are vital to people management.​​
  • Strengthening the group as a whole also means reinforcing the dynamic of cooperation between people, as well as individual responsibility and capacity.

Group coaching integrates three complementary dimensions:​​​


which gives a vision, a meaning and a common direction to the members of the team, critical for learning and development.


which provides methods to manage operational challenges, change situations, and risks more effectively, all part of people management.​


which encourages mutual knowledge and recognition, revealing the strength of complementarities and making communication and cooperation more fluid, thereby strengthening cohesion and trust, essential to organisational development..

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