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Morgan Philips Executive Search, recognized as a leading headhunter in Singapore, offers unparalleled guidance in recruiting top-tier experts and managers tailored to the Singaporean market dynamics. Our team of executive headhunters boasts expertise across diverse industries and excels in direct recruitment approaches. With the adept use of advanced strategies, including social networking, we remain dedicated to matching you with the ideal candidate to achieve your organizational objectives.


Our devoted team of headhunters partners closely with your company, understanding your needs to source the best talent. We strategize not just to identify, but to ensure a harmonious fit for your team.

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Trust in our 7-step process:

From defining the job essentials to facilitating a seamless integration into your teams, we emphasize quality and precision. Our firm utilizes scientifically validated tools to gauge the character, potential, and proficiency of each prospect, affording you unmatched understanding.

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Innovative sourcing techniques

To access the best of the concealed job market, an avant-garde approach is crucial. We've redefined the sourcing paradigm, targeting every conceivable candidate for every role.

A global database

Always accessible to our consultants.

Club 5000

A community of experts who use their vast networks to recommend top talent.

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Digital tools

Enhancing our search visibility, ensuring we always find the best.


A team of experts at your service

Backed by an experienced and qualified team, our agency helps its clients to find and retain the best talent in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a headhunter in Singapore's employment landscape?

In Singapore, where the job market is competitive, a headhunter plays a crucial role in identifying and recruiting top talents, especially for strategic and high-level positions.

They employ unique methods, including direct searches and tapping into extensive professional networks, to match companies with candidates that perfectly align with their requirements.

Why is executive search important in Singapore?

Singapore's dynamic business environment and its status as a global hub require leaders who can adapt and drive growth. Executive search ensures that companies get access to candidates with the right experience, skills, and cultural fit for leadership roles, even if these candidates aren't actively job hunting.

How does the headhunting process in Singapore differ from traditional recruitment?

While traditional recruitment in Singapore often focuses on advertising job vacancies, headhunters take a more proactive approach. They identify and reach out to potential candidates, leveraging their vast networks and knowledge of the Singaporean market.

This ensures a precise match, catering to the specific needs and cultures of organizations.

What are the advantages of partnering with a headhunter in Singapore?

Singaporean headhunters offer deep insights into the local job market, industries, and trends. With their extensive network, they can connect companies with passive candidates who may not be actively seeking a job but are perfect fits for specific roles.

This not only saves time and resources for companies but also ensures discretion, especially when recruiting for sensitive or high-level positions.

Can a headhunter help if a company is looking to recruit from outside of Singapore?

Absolutely. Many headhunting firms in Singapore have global networks and partnerships, allowing them to source talents not just locally but from around the world. This is especially beneficial for multinational companies or those looking to diversify their leadership teams.

Is confidentiality maintained during the executive search process in Singapore?

Yes, discretion is paramount in headhunting. Given the sensitive nature of executive roles and the need to approach passive candidates, our headhunters ensure that all details, from company requirements to candidate information, remain confidential throughout the process.

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