Diversity & Inclusion

Morgan Philips, a group dedicated to diversity and inclusion

Morgan Philips is a global entity active in over 20 nations: wherever the Group is present, through all our hiring and talent management functions and offerings, we aim to foster a culture where diversity is acknowledged and cherished.

Diversity is a pivotal aspect of our organizational ethos. Our methodology enhances inclusive practices across age, gender, ethnicity, disability, faith, sexual orientation, and marital status. Our recruitment and selection processes uphold equitable principles. Therefore, we ensure the integration of capable and varied profiles in all the assignments we undertake.

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
leaders (Morgan Philips Group)

Gender split of our directors infographics

Gender breakdown of our
employees (Morgan Philips Group)

Today, we rely on our varied backgrounds, distinctive cultural understandings, and individual competencies. We aspire to drive innovation by joining a group of individuals with different perspectives to challenge the status quo and foster our company’s growth.

We acknowledge that thriving in a workplace where every person can express themselves and feel their unique presence is crucial. Opting to join us means choosing a committed and united team that offers support and encouragement throughout your career journey.

Celebrating the diversity of our staff and the candidates we recruit for our clients, we recognize there's always room for enhancement - diversity and inclusion are continual endeavors.

Diversity and inclusion are essential, deeply ingrained within the ethos of Morgan Philips. If your ambition is to engage in recruitment or any other role with us, we welcome your application.


Our commitments to combat discrimination

  • Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is fundamental to our principles and operations. We are resolved to eliminate all discrimination throughout our recruitment process.
  • Our consultants benefit from continuous specialized training, equipping them to recognize and address bias to ensure equitable and transparent hiring. They are skilled in upholding diversity, considering solely the competencies and professional qualities of candidates.


  • As participants in numerous associations advocating for workplace equality, we stay informed about best practices and contribute to enhancements in workplace equity. Opting for Morgan Philips signifies choosing a recruiting partner that staunchly advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion as key to success in the business world.
  • Choosing Morgan Philips means choosing a recruitment partner that firmly believes in diversity, equity and inclusion as drivers of success in the professional world.

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