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Assessing the Skills and Potential of your Executives

In the recruitment or mobility process, ensuring that the candidate possesses the necessary competencies for the role and can merge with the existing team and company culture is paramount. Morgan Philips offers an executive assessment center or a custom-tailored assessment system.

Our Assessment Center enables you to evaluate the skills of your executives and identify leadership potential, ensuring mobility within your company with a secure and positive candidate experience.​​

The tools and exercises (simulations) our teams propose are customized to your expectations, the repository of skills, and the candidates' seniority profiles. They give you a comprehensive understanding of your future leaders' strengths and development areas. ​

  • Select skills and create assessment grids that align with your leadership assessment framework.
  • Assessment of skills and behaviour
  • Identification of development and leadership potential
  • Adapted development and training plan
  • Training by our expert consultants for your managers and HR staff in the recruitment process and/or in conducting skills-based interviews

The Assessment Center: A Tool Beyond Evaluation.
The Executive Assessment Center is an invaluable tool for revealing the skills and potential of your executives
By delving into their personalities, it provides a detailed understanding of their motivations, strengths, and areas for development, guiding them towards informed career choices.
With our executive assessment services, Morgan Philips identifies the most suitable candidates, while our leadership assessment supports their strategy development and full potential realization. ​​


Our skills reference framework

To evaluate the potential of your (future) executives, we utilize the T.frame model, which encompasses a set of 5 key skills integral to our executive assessment. This model, in line with our leadership assessment approach, enables you to easily understand and measure the behavioral potential and abilities of your talent.


Seek to understand, analyse and evaluate information and situations, ask questions to find solutions; and make decisions accordingly.​​


Take the initiative to plan and prioritise to achieve objectives; be results-oriented.​


Demonstrate resilience and adaptability; challenge and question to progress; exchange ideas and innovate to improve working methods​.


Lead by example; encourage and motivate; help and support; guide and develop others.


Collaborate and cooperate by developing productive working relationships; communicate and influence, listen and empathise.

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The different stages of assessment


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